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My mission:
To help business professionals & organizations grow exponentially.



Sincere thanks to all who attended and supported the Gala this year.  

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Thursday June 27th, 6–8PM
Thursday, August 29th, 6-8PM
Thursday, Sept 26th, 6-8PM
Thursday, Oct 25th, 6-8PM

Cathryn’s signature event that combines an appreciation of the fine arts with a fun, professional social. 


Guests may reach out to Cathryn to be added to the list to attend. RSVP required. 




Cathryn Marshall, a seasoned keynote speaker, is a force in motivating business professionals to reframe their strengths and communicate those skills to their target clients resulting in creating revenue and amazing relationships

She is a successful entrepreneur, internationally recognized author, and a passionate business consultant. She has spoken at more than 200 events and is a regular guest on NBC.

As a sought after business consultant, Cathryn has helped many businesses scale and leverage their expertise with her knowledge and experience.Her third book, Virtual Wealth: How to Create Revenue and Amazing Relationships is a #1 Amazon Best Seller. She is dedicated to helping people have more time, money and health in all aspects of life and business. 

Keyaan Williams_edited.png

Keyaan Williams

Cyber Security Executive

“The extra energy along with a new understanding of sales and marketing from the VWO program supported an explosion of business growth...I am extremely grateful for the rare combination of excellent health and business coaching that I received from Cathryn. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND working with her."

Judy Goss_edited.png

Judy Goss

TV Host, QVC

"When Cathryn takes the stage she has the attention of EVERY person in the room! She not only engages the audience with intensity, but teaches transformational skills in a way everyone can benefit and learn from. Any high performing company would be truly lucky to book her as a keynote speaker."

Deborah Daniel

CPA, Charter Accounting

“Cathryn is an amazing speaker, author and leader. Her knowledge of what works is extensive and her ability to communicate this knowledge and motivate her clients to take action is unrivaled.”

Victoria Teague

Executive Director, Victoria's Friends

“Working in non-profit can be a roller coaster ride and when I hit a low point my editor suggested I call Cathryn.Within two weeks of working with Cathryn we increased our revenue which increases our capacity to change lives.

Allen Elliott_edited.png

Allen Elliott

Six Figure Fitness Professional

“Cathryn's coaching program has given me the confidence needed to take action and continue down the complex road that business ownership presents. She has helped develop and refine the structure of my business, especially my online training platform. Our work together has helped me reach my goal of becoming a six-figure fitness professional.”


Saprea exists to liberate individuals and society from child sexual abuse and its lasting impacts. They are the nonprofit leader supporting communities worldwide in prevention and healing. 
Based upon extensive research with clinically proven tools and resources, they empower survivors, parents, and communities with the tools and resources to protect, heal and educate. 
All of Saprea’s service are offered free of charge to participants. 




#1 Amazon Best Seller.

This book is designed to give you the tools and concepts to attain wealth in each and every area of your life. No boundaries and no ceiling, so please . . . DREAM BIG!



Motivating business professionals with a variety of powerful, actionable programs

Combining AI & Emotional Intelligence for Success | Heart-centered Sales & Connection Calls | How to Build Your A-List Network | How to Create and Impactful Elevator Speech & Why You Need One | The Art of Conversation - Building Relationships for Revenue | How to Put Self Care First in Life & Business | Getting Organized - How to Have More Time and Energy | How to Get Massive Social Media Engagement | Master the Process - Sold Out Programs & Events | Customizable Keynotes

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